Session Information

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General Information

Nothing beats video when it comes to capturing the raw emotion of a live performance and in today’s world it is essential for groups to have content online portraying what they do, and what better way to do that than through the power of YouTube.

On a monthly basis we partner with a band/artist to host a special live performance with a full video production crew to capture their sound. This is all done at NO COST to the band/artist because we are able to charge admission for fans, friends, and family and crowd-fund the entire project!

We achieve this by turning our 2,000 square foot recording studio into a venue for the evening and give audience members the unique experience of participating in a live studio session!


All live audience studio sessions are General Admission but sold in two different sections:
Control Room: view and hear the recording session from the perspective of the recording engineer, and experience the show from the other side of the glass.
Studio Seating: sit right in the live room of the studio with the band as they record and perform.


If a show is listed as “Sold Out” then it is really sold out.


There is a general parking lot located just east of the venue entrance which is available to patrons at no charge.


Tickets are available online through our website. You can choose to have your tickets mailed to your address, you can print them yourself at home, load them on your smartphone (make sure your screen is not cracked), or have your name added to our will-call list. Tickets for future events can be purchased at THE GARAGE during show hours.


All ticket sales are final. There are no refunds or exchanges unless a show is cancelled.


Point and shoot cameras as well as smartphones are allowed. Any professional cameras (SLR, detachable lens, etc.) or video recording devices are not allowed unless permission has been granted by the recording studio or band.