Music Production with Soundtrap
THE GARAGE Presents:

Music Production with Soundtrap

All Ages
Join Instructor and Garage Studio Manager Rob Frost for this FREE virtual course on Soundtrap, a cloud-based digital audio workstation!


Ages 11-19

Instructor and Garage Studio Manager Rob Frost introduces participants to Soundtrap, a cloud-based digital audio workstation you can use with a web browser! 

This class is designed to get you making music fast and efficiently using Soundtrap as a tool. It's meant for a beginner who is serious about taking the next steps to writing, producing, and working in the music industry.

In Unit One we will explore Soundtrap's easy-to-learn interface and features while going over basic fundamentals of music theory to develop a common language that can be used while writing music.

Unit Two will focus on utilizing Soundtrap to write and produce music while exploring the many different types of applications your newly developed skills can be used for if you are passionate and work hard!

Venue Information:

By mandate, the City of Burnsville has closed all City owned facilities (including THE GARAGE) from March 13th-July 1st, 2020. All shows, after school programs, recording sessions, live video sessions, and mentoring opportunities are postponed until further notice.

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